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Plant News

SBR plant brought on-stream by KKPC15 Nov 2018 04:50 IST

Source comments on Kawasaki cracker of JXTG Nippon Oil and Energy15 Nov 2018 04:20 IST

Unplanned outage reported at Solvent plant of Huizhou Zhongxin15 Nov 2018 04:00 IST

Zhong Tian resumes production at No. 2 LDPE unit14 Nov 2018 09:40 IST

No. 1 FCC unit brought on-stream by JXTG Nippon Oil14 Nov 2018 09:20 IST

Shanghai SECCO reschedules restart of PP plant14 Nov 2018 08:40 IST

Zhong Tian halts production at PP plant14 Nov 2018 08:20 IST

Source comments on HDPE unit of Gazprom14 Nov 2018 07:50 IST

Unplanned outage reported at No. 1 LDPE unit of Zhong Tian14 Nov 2018 07:20 IST

Oriental Petrochemical starts maintenance at PTA unit14 Nov 2018 06:50 IST

Yeosu BD unit brought on-stream by KKPC14 Nov 2018 06:20 IST

PBT unit restarts by Nantong Synthetic14 Nov 2018 05:50 IST

Shanghai Secco delays restart of PE plant14 Nov 2018 05:20 IST

PBR plant brought on-stream by KKPC14 Nov 2018 04:50 IST

MEG unit brought on-stream by Qianxi Coal Chemical14 Nov 2018 04:00 IST

Melamine plant shuts for maintenance by Xinji Jiuyuan14 Nov 2018 04:00 IST

BPA plant brought on-stream by Sinopec Mitsubishi13 Nov 2018 09:40 IST

Sinopec Gaoqiao to resume production at Solvents plant13 Nov 2018 09:20 IST

Shanghai SECCO to complete maintenance at SM plant13 Nov 2018 08:40 IST

Pucheng Clean Energy completes turnaround at PP plant13 Nov 2018 08:20 IST

LLDPE plant brought on-stream by Pucheng Clean Energy13 Nov 2018 07:50 IST

Dushanzi Petrochemical resumes SM production13 Nov 2018 07:20 IST

FPC resumes MMA production13 Nov 2018 06:50 IST

Bluestar New Chemical resumes BD production13 Nov 2018 06:20 IST

MMA plant to be brought on-stream by Asahi Kasei Corp13 Nov 2018 05:50 IST

Henan Hebi resumes BPO production13 Nov 2018 05:20 IST

MEG unit brought on-stream by Inner Mongolia Yigao Coal13 Nov 2018 04:50 IST

Shaanxi Ronghe resumes production at BDO unit13 Nov 2018 04:00 IST

Asian propylene prices drift lower12 Nov 2018 14:00 IST

Sahara Petrochemicals Company declares an emergency shutdown in one of its affiliates Companies12 Nov 2018 11:50 IST

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