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A Higher Philosophy At Varmora Than Mere Manufacturing

When you talk to them, the first thing they mention is that you need not focus on them personally, but should rather highlight the Varmora vichardhara, the set of core values, principles and unique philosophy practiced by them. Something they and their employees live by, and believe it or not, it is the reason for their solid success!

The Varmora Group, famous the world over for its tiles, started in 1993, and is a large business institution headquartered in Morbi in Gujarat. It achieved great standards of excellence with top-quality products and services. Seeing scope in the plastics industry the Group set up Varmora Plastech sometime in March 2014.

In an informal interaction on a Sunday morning at their Ahmedabad office, Prakash Varmora, Bhavesh Varmora and Shailesh Patel spoke to Chief Editor Ginu Joseph and Senior Editor Robin Shukla from Modern Plastics India about their philosophy, their company, their plans and their social responsibilities. It all came down to goodness prevailing above everything else. The visit was facilitated by Bhavin Shah, the Editor of Polymer Bazar, who is a noted and popular figure in the plastics scene in Ahmedabad, and the rest Gujarat and also across the country.

You are known for your tiles. How come transition to plastics?

We were on the lookout for great opportunities to tap into, and at the same time wished to be of use to the common man, which is part of our philosophy. Internationally, there are plastic-coated tiles. The result? An excellent range of plastic products for the kitchen from containers, tiffin boxes, tumblers, water bottles, slicer units, bins, trays, and the like. For home and office furniture, we have spectacular chairs of classic and ultra-mod designs to chic and sturdy dining and coffee tables. The stools will look nice anywhere, including in a trendy bar! On the heavy duty side there are cans, dustbins, pallets, crates and even storage tanks.

Has it not been a very rapid growth?

You see there must have been a gap in the market which we were able to fill with high quality products. It was noticed that plastics had become a necessary part of day to day life and the existing manufacturers had not yet brought in quality products or innovations to fulfill the needs of India’s consumers. We started the plastics unit more than one and a half year ago and we are already in 70 countries apart from being in all corners of the country. As a matter of fact, we had gone nationwide within one or two months of starting production in March 2014. Of course, our network established due to our tiles business helped to a great extent. Distribution, as you all know, is a major determining factor in any field of manufacturing. Besides, our team too is an enthusiastic one, all within the age group of 35 to 40 years.

Is there some advantage you products have over other plastic ones being offered in the market?

We at Varmora Plastech believe in good health and nutrition, and our products are of superior quality, are of food grade and are created to seal and shut air-tight so as to retain nutritive value of the foods and other consumables stored within. We create products which can be easily stacked one on top of the other, thereby taking care of storage space as well as handling. Apart from that there is also the factor of our own design for ensuring functionality and durability. All our products are manufactured at our fully automatic plant using premium plastic material and high end technology. As a matter of fact, we have carried the story further by enclosing detailed information about the product’s characteristics and its use and care.

We notice that there is an impressive range in vibrant and attractive colours.
Our products are available in different shapes, sizes and translucent colors which can also be customized according to specifications of a client or as per trends in the market. Our products are easy to carry, and are air-tight, light in weight and have eco-friendly features. They have the necessary certifications which are strict and required in western countries, including USFDA.
We revel in customer response which, we are happy to say, is very positive. We have this special chair where the arm-rest is not connected to the back-rest of the chair. Therefore, when you lean backwards the whole chair does not tilt with you, and the ribs in the back-rest work to counter your pressure. It weighs just 3.2 kg but is sturdy and durable as ever. Our excellent finish is thanks to auto deflashing and also because our mould quality is too good, thereby ensuring no rough edges or corners. We would like to tell you about our core philosophy.

You sound very meaningful when referring to this core philosophy. What is it exactly?

It is many things. We are people who are helping others to grow. We are working for people, for society. You asked about the ‘Happiness 100’ stickers you saw all over this office. It signifies everything 100 per cent – the work by staff, the commitment to them from our side, which ensures total happiness. We help others realize their potential. Our people are our assets. Here in the workplace and factories, as well as those we interact with from outside for whatever reason. They all matter.

How do you carry this forward?

We have already done so. We made Morbi the largest hub of ceramics in India and the third largest in the world. Before we started there, a manufacturer there would never show his plant to another in the business, but we opened up and brought everybody together. This is in our heart, in our DNA so we are going to give it the corporate touch. We have started the culture of thinking global.

Is this getting your organization ahead?

Most certainly! The people now know. Varmora is no longer a surname, but a philosophy of growth with happiness for everybody. Our tagline says, ‘innovating happiness’ and people know since our philosophy is good then our products will also be good and we are respected for that quality. From the beginning, we have been in keeping with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s principle of Make In India. Varmora wishes to unite people through technology and just as we made Morbi number 1 in ceramics, we will make Ahmedabad number 1 is plastics!

How will you go about doing this?

Until now we were manufacturing products, now we are focusing on the Varmora brand, culture and all that the name stands for. We intend to become the bridge between manufacturers and the market. Varmora will reach ahead through its vichardhara and everybody will be ready to work with us since we will not compete but get together. Even globally.

You will have to engage the others in the business?

We wish to promote through SME, but SMEs are not organized. Varmora wishes to take their products and promote them in the market. No competition. Only collaboration. We will give them work. And we will take care of the quality since many plastic goods manufacturers in India have failed to clear the quality benchmark. There are units operating for 15 and 20 years without having a decent product in their portfolio. We will go so far as to even encourage those from outside the field. You see, that is another of our core strengths. Gujarat is a land of entrepreneurs, with at least 50 per cent of the population having such skills and tendencies. Even farmers and those in service want to become entrepreneurs if given the opportunity and Varmora will give them a platform, enabling start-ups, even in the same industry. That will make people loyal. We intend to set up plants in 25 countries. We even plan to go public at some stage so that we can share our success even further.

And you will attain all this through the Varmora vichardhara?

Definitely! You see when your core values are excellence, happiness for all, speed of execution, team work and mutual respect and dignity you have many things going for you. Our work philosophy is ‘Time’ is a valuable asset, ‘Commitment’ is an act and not a wordy assurance, produce the ‘Best’ and have ‘Transparency’ in communication.
We will be process driven rather than people driven, transforming more than 10,000 individuals into successful entrepreneurs of the Varmora Group, have more than 100,000 happy employees globally (our job space declares - Join Varmora and innovate happiness in your life), have our own captive skill development institute to train people in the plastics industry, and have the finest R&D center to ensure continuous innovations. We are absolutely on the path to be seen as the ‘Best Ethical Enterprise of India.’

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